Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Shout Out for the Little Family!

Last night Curtis and I broke out of our conservative shells and dressed up to support a friend's adoption fundraiser.  They hosted an 80's themed party - many showed up in support and we all had a blast!

Dressed and ready to party!
Our friends, the Little's, are just weeks from traveling to their new son.  They are still short $3,800 and are doing all they can to raise the rest of their adoption expenses before they travel.  They are currently holding a "giveaway".  When you donate to their Reece's Rainbow Grand Fund you will be entered into a drawing to win some REALLY COOL prizes; one of which is a week in a RCI timeshare!  Please check out her blog and enter!


  1. Thank you so much lady! Last night was a BLAST!

  2. LOVE the picture. I agree, last night was a blast!! You guys were lookin' gooooood.