Friday, August 17, 2012

First Fundraiser UPDATE!!

Sorry this update has taken so long to post.  We came home Saturday evening, tired but excited.  I wanted to get my pictures posted and let everyone know how we did.  Well, I tried to get on the computer only to find that it wasn't cooperating.  After A LOT troubleshooting, it was determined that I would need to reboot my computer and start completely over.  Thank goodness I was able to back up all of my important files, but some things were still lost.  :(

Without further ado......

Our first fundraiser was a success!  Many of you stepped up to help and support us and without all of you, we couldn't have done this.  Baked goods were donated and delivered, you showed up and brought family and friends, you advocated for us and brought donations from others that you shared our story with.  Curtis and I were completely blown away by every one's generosity.  Porter's face was seen by many and we were able to share his story and our journey to get to him.  This is the reason the day was successful.  The money raised was just an added bonus!

Bring on the customers!

We had two booths, one for the food concession, and one to showcase La Mia Bella and Fragments.

Our very own "mobile marketing" crew.

Porter's Daddy....sorry Curtis, I had to sneak this one in. :)

Donations were made, food was sold and we brought in a total of $964.80!  Another $70 was added to our grant funds that day as well, so Saturday ended up with a grand total of $1034.80!!  After our costs are subtracted, we will be able to add $464.74 to our fund total.  We are hoping to hold a second fundraiser to help offset our initial investment and sell the rest of the food.  For now it sits in the freezer.... :)

Thanks again for all of your support.  We were able to reach beyond the hands of our friends and family and into our community!!

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