Saturday, October 20, 2012


Once again, we have been given some information about Porter that differs from what we were initially told.  BUT, this time we are REJOICING!!!

He is NOT at the mental institution!!

Apparently there are two orphanages in the rural village that Porter was transferred to.  The mental institution that we were told Porter was in was the only one that RR knew about.  We are close to traveling and our facilitators in Porter's country were able to find out exactly where he is and it was confirmed that he is at the orphanage in his village for typically functioning children.

Will you celebrate with us?  Today is Curtis's birthday and this is the BEST birthday gift he could have asked for!

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  1. What incredible news! We're rejoicing with you!!!

  2. Donated, Shared, and Blogged.

    Amy C

  3. Rejoicing with you all! Donated and shared on facebook. Birthday blessings Curtis.I know no other gift will ever top this. Many are His blessings!

    Annette B

    1. Thank you! This is the best birthday!!! :)

  4. Wonderful news!!!!!
    Have you been able to find out any news on the other "Porter"?

    1. No, we do not have any information about that little boy. Hoping that once we get there we will be able to find something out.

  5. Great news! I made a donation.

    Shelly S.

    Here we have been praying for protection from the damages the mental institute could have done, and all along God is up on his throne, saying "already done". I love it! Happy Birthday Curtis! Still praying for Porter though! ;)

    1. I know it!!! I shouldn't be surprised - but man, God never ceases to amaze me!!

  7. All the best to you on this journey of faith.
    Donated through PayPal (by different name of K.L.)
    Nora T, shared by Adeye