Sunday, October 28, 2012


-Giveaway ends on October 31, 2012 at Midnight PST-

We are $4,353 away from being funded for our adoption.

**Every donation made to our grant fund is TAX DEDUCTIBLE**

Prize Entry
1.  One entry for every $5 donated
(Click here to go to our grant fund)
**Once you have donated, leave me a note on my blog under the comment section.  Don't forget to leave your first name and last initial (ex-Sara E.) so I can keep track of your entries.**

2.  One additional entry for every friend that donates.
**Make sure that your friend leaves me a note letting me know who shared our giveaway with them. (ex-Jason T. shared by Sara E.)**

3.  One entry for sharing on your blog.
**Again, make sure you let me know when you shared.**

For example - If Sara donated $5 and got her friend, Jason to donate $5, Sara would receive 2 entries and Jason would receive 1 entry. If Jason gets his friend, Amy to donate $5, Amy would get 1 entry and Jason would get an additional entry.

We have $750 in Visa gift cards to give away!

First Prize - $500 Visa Gift Card
Second Prize - $200 Visa Gift Card
Third Prize - $50 Visa Gift Card

Fourth Prize - $25 Red Lobster Gift Card
(Can be used at Olive Garden)

Fifth Prize - $15 Jamba Juice Gift Card

Sixth Prize - 2 Regal Cinema's Movie Tickets

Seventh Prize - Autographed Blake Shelton CD

The Challenge
1.  Get 25 people to donate $5
2.  Get those 25 people to each get 15 more people to donate $5
3.  Get those 375 people to each get 5 people to donate $5

If we can meet this challenge - we will be FULLY FUNDED!

**Every donation made to our grant fund is TAX DEDUCTIBLE**

Christmas is quickly approaching.  Enter now for a chance to win $500, $200, or $50.

The more people you share this with, the more chances you have to win!


  1. I donated 25.00. I wish I could donated 2,500.00. Continuing to pray taht God pours out the blessings!!

  2. Donated $5. Sorry it couldn't be more. I had a little paypal balance left and wanted to do something good with it. I will share on my blog as well and come back with a link.

  3. The donate button isn't working. : ( I'll try again later.
    Angie R.

    1. My computer has been acting weird the last couple of days. I just tried the donate button and it is working now. Hopefully it will stay that way. :)

  4. Donated $25. Love you!!!
    Joan B

  5. I donated $10.
    Leanne G

  6. Hi! I have donated $100. I am also praying for you!
    Karla H.

  7. Donated $180 today. Thank you Jesus for your keeping power! ndh

  8. Yeah, it worked today! $10 from the Ristow7 ( Still praying that little guy home!