Thursday, November 8, 2012

$1,000 Matching Grant!!!

We have a donor that wants to donate $1,000 as a matching grant.  We have ONE WEEK it have it matched!
We need to raise $4,1736 before we travel (which should be by the end of the month).  If we can meet the matching grant donation goal, we would reduce our remaining expenses in half!
In addition, we have been given two cool prizes to give as an incentive.
Origami Owl Necklace and Pendant
This is a large size locket, silver in color (stainless steel so that they don't ever tarnish), with the crystal cross. Whoever wins, will also get three other charms of their choice (go to to pick).  Retails for $46.00
Hand Painted Infant's T-Shirt

This is a light blue, 100% cotton shirt size 3-6 months. It has been hand painted (no stencils). The colors are more vivid in person.  Retails for $45.00.
Our grant account needs to reach $12,055.70 to get the matching $1,000.

Thank you for helping get us to our goal!

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