Friday, November 23, 2012


4 1/2 months ago our paperwork was sent to Reece's Rainbow committing to "Porter".  In just three days, we will be boarding the plane to go get him.  WOW!

As Curtis and I prepare for our trip, we are overwhelmed by the wonder that awaits us.  We have been busy gathering items to take with us to give to the children in the orphanage as well as the caretakers that give of themselves everyday to watch over these precious children.  A very talented and gracious lady has donated over 70 handmade hats to give to the children in "Porter's" orphanage.  We can't wait to hand them out!

We have been told to pack lightly.  How does one do that when they are preparing to travel to a foreign country for 5 weeks in a remote area that does not have access to a lot of stores?????  HA!  We aren't taking many clothes, but what we are taking will get to be shared with many special children.  As I stop and think about how God has orchestrated this whole process, I wasn't surprised that He has us traveling during Christmas.  There couldn't be a better time of year to go and share the love of Jesus, but during His birthday!

So, yes...Curtis and I are going to be stuffing our bags full of treasures.  We have found that an extra bag will be needed to get these goodies over there.  We are flying United Airlines.  If I read their baggage policy right, we will have to pay $100 for an extra checked bag.  So many of you have been more than generous and helped Curtis and I gather the finances needed to get to "Porter".  We are asking again if people could come together to help raise the extra baggage fee.  We have nothing to give away this time....just simply asking for help.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!

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  1. Your faithfulness to "Porter" is amazing. I have added to your adoption fund and will continue to pray for you and the many children you will bless when you travel. Godspeed.