Monday, January 14, 2013


There isn't a whole lot to update.  Curtis spent the weekend visiting David for a couple of hours twice a day.  He can tell that David knows that something is changing.  He is showing more emotion, wanting to hug, kiss and be close to Curtis.  He has even seen him cry which we never saw before.  David knows that he is going with Papa to America on an airplane. 

"Gotcha Day" is planned for Wednesday.  Curtis is ready to bust him out!  The orphanage he is in is nice and the staff is really great, but it's still an orphanage.  Curtis is ready to be home and start settling into our new family.  The kids and I are all anxious to have the boys home as well.  Counting the days......

Here are a few picture that Curtis took of the town square.  It was fun for me to see the tree all decorated that we watched being assembled while we were there a few weeks ago.

At the orphanage

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